Terms and conditions

All the consignments offered for booking are accepted and carried at Owner's Risk, Consignors if desire can take necessary insurance of the goods on own account.

Aditya Logistics does not hold itself responsible for any kind of loss, damage, leakage, pilferage etc caused by weather condition, strikes, riots commotions and further caused by accident, fire , earthquake, explosion to the goods in transport under the contract.

Aditya Logistics does not accept any consequential liabilities for mis-declaration of the content of goods offered for booking.

No Guarantee whatsoever will be given with regard to the weight or contents of the goods.Every efforts shall be made to delivery in made intact.

The responsibility of Company ceases on the goods taken.

The consignor is responsible to obtain and handover to the company at the time of booking the goods appropriate permits & invoice , documents for transport by road in case of restricted goods, in case of failure consignor will be held responsible for consequences arising out of such consignments without proper invoice.

The company is not responsible in the event of the goods being detained or seized or confiscated by Government Authorities for any reason whatsoever.

Minimum charges will be charged for 50 kg for single consigment.

Goods undelivered within 15 days from the date of this GC note should be brought to the notice of the Company otherwise We will be not responsible for the material.

Demurage will be charged extra if delivery not taken of the above goods within 7 days of the arrival of material.

Self consignments will be delivered strictly on producing the consignee copy.

In case of Non receipt of outstanding freight Bill payment within due date, you will stand to loose the stock i our Godown and necessary action will be taken from our side. These Terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.